Art Gallery in Kerala

Apart from the land of natural beauty, Kerala is rich in its artistic culture. The art tradition in the land dated back to centuries. Who doesn’t like to taste the real Kerala artworks and handicrafts? A new art gallery in Kerala booming in the heart of the land, which proudly shows off a rich collection of varied quality artworks. The works resemble the typical traditional art collections and reflect as a mirror to the golden past.

Kerala art tradition :

In the art gallery, you can experience the real traditional classical art forms, indigenous folk artistic creations, fine art forms etc. When you step in the art gallery you feel to get across into the ethnic beauty of great artists works. This is the best gentle space to collect quality artworks of talented artists. As per your taste and interest, we placed varied artworks which will soak you in a heart warming delight. As well as the placed genuine priceless artworks will ornate your walls and it might entice viewers.

The meaningful artworks will reach out of your imaginations and make you think about the work and its real meaning. When you visit Kerala don’t miss the opportunity to visit our art gallery in Kerala and the real attention.

What’s in our art gallery :

Artworks collections. Though the Kerala traditional art forms and culture gained international

The gallery is abundant with art forms made up of clays, stones, wood, centuries-old brass material, unique designed jewellery etc. Some of the artworks are designed using bamboo and palm leaves. Storytelling Mural painting, an eye-soothing oil painting also in the gallery list. Our efficient team takes effort to collect such artworks are made available in the gallery.

Focus on traditional works

Kerala is traditionally much closer to painting and crafting culture. The works of Ravi Varma and other pioneers in traditional paintings mesmerized the world with their unique paintings. The crafts work of Kerala made by gifted artists using hands is very popular. The handicrafts are made from all materials are displaced in our art gallery. The works made up of brass, clay, copper is available in our art gallery. Many valuable artworks are displayed in our art gallery for visitors to purchase these artworks and to entertain themselves.

Artworks in different style and on a different medium

Different themed various works of eminent artists painted on different medium using different techniques are showcased in our art gallery in Kerala. Kerala’s traditional such us; Thanjavur paintings, Kerala indigenous mural paintings, the great Ravi Varma paintings, oil paintings, canvas, digital and modern paintings are available in our gallery. The painting showcase in our gallery is selected from talented artists and from young promising painters. Each and every work grabs wide attention also.

This art gallery began to cultivate a new art culture in Kerala besides following the traditional style and elements. The art gallery in Kerala allows to promote the art culture of Kerala to the world and makes them aware of the real art culture of Kerala. This must be an entertaining and educating destination for both domestic and international tourists flying to Kerala from all part of the world.  This art gallery will make them familiar with the Kerala art culture and its tradition.  The art gallery in Kerala is a treasure house of artworks such as paintings, sculptures, wood, work made of bamboo etc. here is no limitations for creativity and innovation.