Art Gallery in Kottayam

Art Gallery Kottayam

The land tagged as ‘Akshara Nagari'(City of letters) Kottayam not only lure the tourists and travellers with its natural beauty but with great artworks also. As one of the ancient town in Kerala, Kottayam dotted with fascinating shrines tells the stories of the past. More artworks and sculptures in this gallery attract and entertain visitors. In the heart of Kottayam now there is another attraction also, an art gallery filled up with quality artworks of eminent artists.

The art gallery in Kottayam stands as a storyteller about the past vibrant history and opening a door to art lovers and great artists. This is a great opportunity for both art enthusiasts and talented artists to buy and sell their unique collection of artworks. In our art gallery, you can experience a lot of artworks which is made up of passionate artists. Their valuable artworks displaying in our art gallery. The works consist of traditional and contemporary creations.

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The art gallery of Kottayam introduces great art creations and traditional resembling handicrafts made up of clays, stones and brass etc. In our art gallery filled with quality assures artworks win hearts of those art lovers. The uniqueness in the works showcased in our art gallery is our hallmark. This is a great experience for art lovers who visit Kottayam.

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Which grants unlimited access to the painting collections, sculptures, traditional artworks, arts made up of woods and other valuable rare collections of blessed artists. Those art lovers will never get disappointed while you go through our art gallery.