Painting for Sale in Kozhikode

Painting for Sale Kozhikode
At the south coast of India, Kozhikode is known as the coastal city in Kerala. The land has a great tradition in the spice trade with foreigners. At the same land, an art gallery is raising to wake art lovers and talented artists. In our platform, all artist will get a space to showcase their precious painting. Those art lovers visit Kozhikode or even from the city itself can buy those displayed painting in our platform for an affordable price. The quality paintings are only placed on our platform. This is the time for those budding and talented artists who are yet to be recognised, as well as for art lovers to possess paintings at affordable price.

Good painting collections

In our art space have glorious collections of paintings in a varied medium such as oil paintings, watercolour, mural paintings acrylic and painted using Indian ink etc. Different attractive painting framed also make available in this platform in many dimensions. This time more art lovers and talented artists have to shift Kozhikode to experience real painting culture. We took this initiative to promote painting culture and arrange a platform for all art lover to buy paintings near your city.

Sweet than Kozhikode sweets

The quality paintings are collected in our platform to sell. In Kozhikode, art lovers from outside and even in the city can learn more about paintings and it’s culture. In our painting for sale in Kozhikode, space opened for tourists and art enthusiast to get across varied paintings and get the feasibility to possess liked paintings. For art sake, we opened this platform to convert all people to art lovers and enjoy the beauty of paintings.